The Evolution Of Lady Gaga In One Fabulous, Ooh-La-La GIF

It's hard to choose a favorite Lady Gaga. There's Gaga with her Little Monsters, Gaga in her meat dress, Gaga coming out of an egg. And, of course, there's Stefani Germanotta, the talented woman underneath all the outrageous costumes who sits at her piano and writes chart-topping hit tunes.

We'll see Gaga's latest character next week, when American Horror Story: Hotel debuts. The singer-songwriter plays The Countess, the owner of the Hotel Cortez whose purpose in life seems to be committing murder and having sex. Naturally, she has a rather distinctive look.

In anticipation of Gaga's debut as a prime-time player, we commissioned artist Helen Green to illustrate 14 iconic Gaga looks. They're all here in the following slideshow, first individually, then combined into one ooh-la-la GIF. Enjoy!

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