Dree Hemingway Shares Her Overseas Beauty Indulgences

Photo: Courtesy of Chlou00e9.
Dree Hemingway wears an array of (very chic) hats — model, actress, socialite, fashion designer. Most recently, she added "the face of Chloé" to her already impressive résumé. Following in the footsteps of Clémence Poésy, Chloë Sevigny, and Anja Rubik, the effortlessly cool model appears in the brand's Eau de Parfum campaign this fall. We sat down with the multi-hyphenate to discuss our favorite topic: beauty. Read ahead to find out what products she buys in bulk, her top splurges, and her favorite smell that doesn't come from a perfume bottle.
What was your first fragrance?
“I used to wear L’Occitane’s [now discontinued] vanilla spray; it’s very sweet and good. I remember buying it because I really liked the bottle — it had a little squeeze thing, which is very classic. I felt like a real woman at age, like, 12."

Did you wear it to school?
“Not really. When I was younger, I was such a tomboy. I would do little dainty, girly things sometimes, but for the privacy of my own self. I’d go out wearing big sweatshirts, never doing my hair... I was skinny and scrawny, and my mom wouldn’t let me shave my legs. I was the awkward, gangly one walking around school.”

Do you have a favorite smell that’s not a fragrance?
“I love night-blooming jasmine, the flower. [My family and I] lived in Los Angeles for a little bit when I was younger, and I remember [our] little house had night-blooming jasmine. There was something so magical about being able to put your nose in a flower and have it radiate such fragrance.”

Your mom, Mariel, is an actress and your aunt Margaux was a model. Did you inherit any ideas about beauty from them?
“I think that I really gravitated toward the look of [my aunt Margaux]. It wasn’t so much a particular brand or something, although I was kind of obsessed with Margaux’s Babe by Fabergé fragrance commercials. Oddly, I think that I’ve somewhat tried to embody her in [the Chloé campaign]. But all of those [Francesco] Scavullo pictures that she did, and the glamour in that, and the mystery of that woman, [are] very intriguing to me. My aunt Margaux really is my icon...my mother [is, too].”

Did your mom pass down any beauty tips to you?
“Vitamins and eating healthy — that’s really kind of number one. We used to take loads of vitamins, and I rebelled against it when I was younger but now I’m back into it.”

Are there any products your mom has introduced you to?
“My mom does her own thing; I feel like I’m always raiding her cabinet and finding different things here and there. She actually introduced me to Egyptian Magic, which is amazing and I lube up my face with [it] every single night. It’s so good for everything.”

Are there any products you splurge on?
“I’m a big duty-free shopper, so when I’m traveling overseas, I can get a little crazy... I love Tom Ford’s makeup. I’m also very into what Wendy Rowe has been doing for Burberry’s makeup right now... La Mer is one splurge I go for, or Sisley for skin care… Also, the Bioderma Crealine makeup remover, because that’s all I use to wash my face; I don’t use water. I think when I travel so much, the water changes, and [the makeup remover] gives your face some normality. And it’s so much cheaper in France than it is here [in the U.S.], so I just bring back bottles and bottles of it.”
Photo: Courtesy of Chlou00e9.
How do you care for your hair when you’re off-duty?
“I don’t really do anything differently — I’ll do a conditioning mask or deep-conditioner. I don’t really shampoo my hair; I shampoo it maybe once a week, unless I’m shooting and there’s a shit-ton of stuff in it. But I use just a lot of heavy conditioners every day. Brush it, let it air-dry, and that’s it." What's one product you have to use before you run out the door?
“I'll normally throw on Skin Food, so my face is really glowing and dewy and moisturized. Maybe I’ll throw on some bronzer; I think everybody looks good with some cheekbones. [laughs]"

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of beauty?
“I did this weird needle facial once, where it pokes and injects vitamins into your face, and it really hurt. My skin soaks in moisture more than anything — and vitamins — so I just watched it seep in. I recently waxed my armpits — I’m very into that; that’s my new thing.” Does it hurt?
“No, it’s great! And you don’t have to do it [again] for a really long time. I highly recommend it.”

Any tips for taking a stellar selfie?
“Put down the camera when you’re starting to take yourself far too seriously. Selfies can be fun sometimes, but don’t always put them up. I have a lot of selfies on my camera, but they don’t necessarily need to go on Instagram… I actually thought about this yesterday, because I saw so many women taking selfies, like, on corners, sitting on benches... Some are trying to be a little more incognito...and others are just like, 'Whoo, I’m here.' I think do it for yourself, just maybe not in public so much.”

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