Allison Janney Brings “Blotting Thing” On Stage, Wins Our Hearts

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images.
Breaking news: The Emmys are hot. Not in the physical sense (well, yes, that too — pretty people are abundant), but also on the temperature front. In fact, it's reportedly the hottest Emmys on record, according to BuzzFeed, the thermometer reaching a scorching 99 degrees. Yikes. So, naturally, celebrities are perspiring up a storm. Amy Schumer and Amy Poehler did a quick makeup/hair check before going up on stage, numerous actresses toted around mini fans on the red carpet (for, what we can assume is to keep their makeup from running down their faces and on to their designer gowns). However, our favorite sweaty moment so far was when actress Allison Janney accidentally brought up her "blotting thing," as she referred to it, up on stage. Janney promptly tossed it to the side once she realized her mistake, but that didn't stop the internet from buzzing — at least the beauty peeps. What was that bright pink blotter you ask? None other than a Beautyblender's Blotterazzi. It's basically a squished Beautyblender and comes in a compact case complete with mirror and two sponges. It's also a greasy face godsend and, take it from us, works wonders in the oil soaking department. It's been a staple in our makeup bags all summer long, and it's good to know we're in good beauty company with Janney. Celebs, they sweat just like us.

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