Harry & Peter Brant Teamed Up With MAC On A Unisex Makeup Collection

Photo: Matthew Baron/BEImages.
Harry and Peter Brant, the brothers who have been dubbed "The New Princes of the City" by The New York Times, are expanding their socialite status far beyond just being the sharply dressed children of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and Interview publisher Peter Brant: The duo teamed up with MAC on a unisex makeup collection, out today. MAC x Brant Brothers consists of three of the siblings' favorite MAC products: the Brow Finisher, Cream Colour Base, and Conceal and Correct Palette, all of which are permanent items from the brand. As far as what makes these standouts for the boys, they told us: "They're basics and provide a very natural look. We love that the MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette has so many different uses and tones that can be mixed or used individually to address specific issues, like undereye circles or blemishes. It's all about creating a perfect natural base." This isn't the brothers' first foray into makeup. They started experimenting with concealer as teenagers (badly at first, according to the two) — to help cover up acne or "whenever we felt self-conscious about our skin." Their mother served as one of their gateways into the beauty world — by influencing them, and also literally providing their products. Her makeup stash basically doubled as their own personal department store, one they weren't shy about stealing from. "We would always help her get ready and watch her make herself up so beautifully," they said. "It was something fun we did together, and some of our favorite memories as kids were in her dressing room." The brothers say they've never gotten flack for wearing makeup themselves, but they do have a message for anyone that feels some type of way about men who do: "Look at Johnny Depp; a little makeup can still look masculine and cool." While these days the Brants mostly reserve their makeup for going out, rather than their school-day routine, they remain loyal MAC devotees — and we can only hope this collaboration will help bring even more boys to the beauty yard. If memory serves, this is the first truly unisex makeup collaboration we've seen from MAC, but it won't be the last. The Brants confessed that they're working on something bigger with the brand for 2016. "It's everything we wished existed in the market," is all they would say. Um, we're just going to start saving up now.

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