Hold Up — Beyoncé Has A Hair CLOSET?

Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage.
Word-association games can squeeze out the best answers from even the most tight-lipped players. The most recent case? Beyoncé. For Bey's recent Flaunt magazine cover, the singer, songwriter, and actress was asked to write down the first thing that came to mind in reaction to a collection of words. She offered up a few top-of-her-head references to words like "greed" (she said "paradox") and "competition" (she said "middle finger"). But if you ask our beauty team, the best one was definitely her answer to the word "over-populated," to which she wrote, "my hair closet." Yes, you read that correctly. Beyoncé has a hair closet. We can't say we're all that surprised by the news. If there's anyone more deserving of a closet dedicated to hair, it's Beyoncé — after all, the songstress is famous for changing up her look on a regular basis. Although we can only imagine the wonders her hair closet contains, we suspect it's full to the brim with honey-blonde weaves, glamorous extensions, and lots and lots of products and tools. But we can't help but wonder: Do her weaves, wigs, and extensions rest on mannequin-style busts, à la Katy Perry? Are they organized by color and style? Can Bey lounge in her hair closet — maybe it has a salon chair in it?! — and admire her collection while a stylist blows out her hair? We don't know about you, but we'd do almost anything to witness it for ourselves.

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