Beyoncé Finally Speaks (Sort Of)

Photo: David Fisher/Rex USA.
Yes, Beyoncé is blowing up your Instagram feed and Spotify playlists. But, when was the last time the singer gave an actual interview? That September Vogue cover doesn't count — Bey may have posed for some pretty pictures, but the accompanying article ditched the traditional interview format and simply featured quoted fashion designers gushing about the style star. Throw in the pop star's recent batch of cryptic Instagrams, and we're all left scratching our heads wondering what exactly is up. Is another secret album in the works? Is there something she's not telling us? Is she going full-on Greta Garbo? Not quite. Though it's not exactly a probing interview, Bey did play a word association game for her feature. The new issue of Flaunt features a "cloud"-style word association in which Blue Ivy's mama offers up top-of-her-head references to her competition ("middle finger"), the term iconic ("over-used"), and even a theater recommendation (Hamilton). You'll notice that no actual quotes are involved, which makes us wonder if Bey simply pointed at words in the dictionary as she sipped hot water with lemon and reserved her pipes for some future concert. Whatever. We'll take what we can get until the silent treatment ends. (Flaunt)

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