Why Red Carpet Twinning Is A Bigger Deal Than Just A Cute Photo Op

Wearing the same thing as another person is a fashion faux pas. But if you have a massive ego, your outfit doppelgänger has a massive ego, and the event you both wore your outfits to is being televised and picked apart for millions of people...you can understand why some celebrity stylists are paranoid about accidental matching. However, at last night's MTV Video Music Awards, celebs were #twinning on purpose all over the place, from coordinating full-length gowns and Canadian tuxedos to his-and-hers looks and bold feminist statements.
Perhaps mainstream-popularized (and Columbused) by Taylor Swift's Bad Blood gang, the concept of a tag-along crew has long been standard for hip-hop artists, and matching costumes have been used by boy- and girl-groups since the beginning of pop music. But, recently, stars have been using their red carpet spotlight to make a statement about celebrity and equality. You aren't famous just because you're a special flower, and you're happy to mete out props to your fellow compatriots, BFFs, platonic soulmates, and life partners. In a dog-eat-dog industry, there's something special about rolling up with your squad and declaring that the person literally standing next to, not behind you, has not only got your back, but you've got theirs, too.
Walking a carpet with all eyes on you has to be downright terrifying, but we have a feeling that having a pal by your side in an unmistakably matching getup probably makes the whole experience a little more fun — and the paps totally eat it up, too. Whether it was an S.O. or just a ride-or-die bestie, last night's stars and their guests weren't afraid to link up loud and proud. Click on for the seven matchy-matchy pairs that have the twinning thing down.

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