Sharon Stone Takes A Cue From Our 5-Year-Old Selves For This Big Red-Carpet Moment

Photo: C Flanigan/Getty Images.
For celebrities, figuring out what to wear to an event can't be easy: When you've got paparazzi documenting your every move, your look has to be on-point from every angle. But Sharon Stone made that endeavor look like a walk in the park on Saturday, when she arrived to the Hotbed Gala donning a dress fit for a princess — of the fairy kind, that is. Designed by Traver Rains (formerly of Heatherette and who now leads his label, T-Rains, which sells everything from baseball bow ties and tank tops to the couture-ish gown you see here), the dress, featured in the night's fashion show, has a plunging neckline and ultra-oversize palettes, in addition to its set of feather wings. Stone's getup might raise a few eyebrows, but considering the event's reported enchanted garden theme, our Basic Instinct angel donned the perfect ensemble. Is it over the top? Yeah, but since when has Sharon Stone been one to live under the radar? After all, the actress posed nude recently for Harper's Bazaar, referring to her derrière as a "bag of flapjacks" (we disagree!), and in our minds, she'll forever be stretched across that chair as the one and only Catherine Tramell. So, really, who cares? Stone's been popping up a lot on our radar lately (see: the Harper's Bazaar shoot), which has us excited for the possibility of a comeback. And, at the end of the day, we can't be mad at that — or this dress, for that matter. In fact, our inner Midsummer Night's Dream fan is squealing. Taking it back to the play that made us all want to be a tree-dwelling nymph, Shakespeare himself said it best: "Though she be but little, she is fierce!" Fierce indeed.

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