Confused Travelers Are Posting Hilarious Reviews On TripAdvisor

Photo: Courtesy TripAdvisor.
Reviews have become a cornerstone of the travel experience. Why go to a restaurant blind when you can check Yelp first? Unfortunately, a disproprotionately large number of users of one particular travel app seem to be confused with where, exactly, their reviews belong (and it's pretty funny).

If you visit TripAdvisor's App Store page, you'll find a handful of random reviews of restaurants, hotels, and tourist experiences, mixed in with the reviews of the app itself (you know, the ones that are actually supposed to be there). Sure, the travelers' opinions of various business around the globe could potentially be helpful — if we had any idea where and what they were for. Unfortunately, a number of the misplaced write-ups for bad hotels and such are dropping the five-star rating of the app itself. For some reason, other travel-focused apps — like Travelocity, Hipmunk, and Expedia — don't seem to suffer from this issue nearly as often. Curious.

We've rounded up 13 of our favorite TripAdvisor "reviews" from the past month or so. A gentle reminder: Before you hit "post" on your review, make sure you're publishing it on the page of the gross restaurant or shady hotel in question...and not as a review of the app itself. Poor little app.

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