One Brand Debunks The Size-Label Myth For Good

We've all experienced that moment of dread: You're walking around thinking of yourself an out-and-proud size 8, and then one day you walk into a new store and discover that only the size 12s fit properly. Suddenly, the universe is plunged into chaos, your identity is shaken, things fall apart, the center cannot hold — all thanks to the tag on a miniskirt. In the back of your mind, though, you know the truth: No two size 2s, or 4s, or 12s, or 20s are exactly alike. And body-positive brand SmartGlamour just proved it. With the #SameSizeDifferentEyes campaign, designer Mallorie Carrington set out to highlight just how different our bodies can be — even when those bodies wear the same size.
"I gathered up six ladies, including myself, who represent Small, Large, and 3X, and photographed them by size, wearing the same articles of clothing," Carrington explains. "The photos show women of different shapes and sizes wearing the exact same garments, demonstrating how clothes will vary in appearance depending on the wearer, even if their basic measurements are the same."
The SmartGlamour line itself carries sizes XXS-6X, but knowing that even the broadest range doesn't account for all body shapes, Carrington offers alterations to all garments at just $5 bucks a pop. For $20, she'll make the piece tailored exactly to your measurements. It's a system that both debunks the label myth and acknowledges our attachment to it. "I clearly remember discussing this concept with a friend who said, 'I wouldn’t mind if I went from a Medium to a Large, but yeah, it’d probably bother me if I went from a Large to an Extra Large,'" says Carrington. "And, when I asked why, she had no logical reason to give."
That's because there isn't one. With size charts varying so drastically across brands (for reasons Carrington explains as well), there's really no such thing as "true to size." That miniskirt tag is only as true as our belief it in. Check out some of the #SameSizeDifferentEyes photos here, and decide for yourself if you're still buying it.

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