10 Chilling Horror Stories From Real Hollywood Extras

For generations, people have come to L.A. with stars in their eyes and dreams in their hearts of making it big on the silver screen. Of course, very few actually do, and many end up working as an extra actor while they try. Whether it’s for a movie, music video, or television show, it isn't hard to get cast as "background talent" in Hollywood.
Being an extra might require long, exhausting days on a boring set, without any guarantee that your face, or even an elbow, will make it on camera. Still, many people aren’t quick to complain: You can sit around, spy on the actors, eat free snacks, and bank a day rate without the commitment
of a 9-to-5 job. Translation: It's perfect for the aspiring set. So it can’t be all that bad, can it?
Throughout the history of movie-making, some pretty messed-up things have happened to people who worked as background actors. On the set of Titanic, several extras were injured during the famous sinking scene. In the movie Blade, there’s a scene where a bloodbath rains from the ceiling in a club. Many of the extras endured rashes and infections due to the fake blood being recycled and used over and over again. But those stories are just two out of hundreds.
The following 10 tales are from extras who suffered hellish experiences while working on set. These aspiring actors have had to bear witness to celebrity tantrums, watch other extras act like fools, and endure long, torturous hours of dry humping. Click through if you dare!