Your Horoscope For This Week — Aug 16 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Too much, too fast, too soon? The sun and Venus retrograde flow together through passionate, flamboyant Leo this week, making it hard to know where our limits lie. Venus is the planet of romance. But she’s rolling in reverse until September 6, jamming up the signals in our love game. Grandiose gestures could miss the mark — or overshoot it. (Is that the sound of a $320K white Ferrari rolling up?) Let love rule, stargazers, but it’s actually fine to say it with flowers instead of a serenade on the Jumbotron. Locking horns with your summer love? Dramatic disputes could get kind of vicious, especially near Friday when Saturn in Scorpio jumps in the ring. Retract those claws! Fortunately, the sun settles into sensible Virgo from Sunday until September 23 restoring us to sanity. Harness this solar energy to organize, systematize, and recommit to those healthy living goals. Your Pilates pass is calling.

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