Your August Horoscope, Revealed

August is like a reverse mullet (or the classic Justin Bieber): party in the front, business in the back. Five planets blaze a trail through festive, flamboyant Leo this month, upping the fun factor exponentially. Party like a rockstar — but don’t trash a hotel like one. Egos can inflate while the lion reigns in the skies. Creatively, the world will have a renaissance, but romantically, not QUITE so much. Although the posse of Leo planets will bring out our loving feelings, Venus is trudging through a low power retrograde until September 6. Old flames may crop up on our radar and lovers’ quarrels could get downright dramatic. Best bet? Don’t make any sudden moves or regrettable bridge-burning decisions this month.
On August 11, Jupiter — planet of luck and expansion — makes a major move, exiting Leo (where it’s been since July 2014) and heading into Virgo until September 9, 2016. Jupiter shows us where to spread our wings and make our boldest moves. In the sign of thoughtful, health-conscious Virgo, green is the new black. Think: sustainable products, organic produce, and mindful money management. Virgo is the sign of service, so ask not what your community can do for you. This is the year of the volunteer. The sun joins Jupiter in Virgo for a month on August 23, cooling out our wilder natures and helping us get organized, just in time for back-to-school season.

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