We Sat Down With Psychic Twins Who See Ghosts, Speak To Celebrities From Beyond The Grave, & Predicted 9/11

Photographed by Kevin Law.
It seems like Linda and Terry Jamison were born with a gift too powerful for one person. As the most well-known psychic twins around, they have made thousands of predictions about everything from epidemics to terrorist attacks to celebrity deaths. In their latest book, Died Too Young, Linda and Terry present "interviews" conducted from beyond the grave with such celebrities as Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, and Natalie Wood.

But conversations with the long-dead aren't the twins' only talent. The Jamisons' major claim to fame is their "prediction" of the September 11 attacks (which they claim to have anticipated in 1999). With that kind of capacity for multidimensional sight, it's no wonder that the sisters ended our conversation by describing one of this very writer's many past lives. Apparently, I was once a deeply content male novelist living in 17th-century England. A girl could do worse, I suppose.

We caught up with the twins to discuss matters both earthly and spiritual, including what a psychic vision actually feels like, what happened when they "got in touch" with Michael Jackson, and what to do about the haters (even psychics have them, apparently).

When did you first realize you had psychic abilities?

Terry: "We were born with this gift of psychic, clairvoyant abilities, but we first noticed it when we were little, tiny kids. We started having really strange experiences, predicting the future. I would say we were three years old, maybe four."

Linda: "We didn’t realize, of course, what it was. Years ago, decades ago, no one was really talking about this as a ‘gift.’ No one really knew anything about it. We just knew that we had strange abilities and we were also child prodigies in the arts. So people just assumed that we were sort of strange."

T: "When we were about five years old, we went into our school fair...and they had a big jar of jelly beans...and I knew exactly how many...were in the jar, and I won a prize... It was my first prize — I think the only prize — I ever got for being psychic. But...I absolutely knew how many beans were in the jar. It wasn’t just a guess."

Photographed by Sue Ellen Simmons.
Do you think your psychic powers stem from the fact that you’re twins?
L: "We believe that we had to come in as twins. We had a mission to bring this kind of information and gift to the planet, because it’s suffering so much. Everybody is so lost and in need of spiritual guidance. We believe we came in as twins because one of us wasn’t enough to do the work we have obviously been called to do. It’s like a calling — like a nun’s calling."

T: "We came in as twins because our mission was so big... We have double the power, double the energy, because we’re twins. And we’re identical, which means we’re clones...we share the same DNA... We are a bifurcated soul. It’s one soul with two bodies. That’s very unusual for twins."

Can you read each other's thoughts without permission?
L: "Well, we’re one soul, so we’re really joined by seven etheric cords of energy, and we are telepathic with each other all the time."

T: "All day long!"

L: "All day long, and with other people as well — much more so than any other twins. We always ask permission if we’re reading other people...[especially] before we go into very sensitive issues that might be too personal. It’s a part of psychic ethics."

Can you see ghosts?
T: "Yes, we can. We started channeling about 20 years ago, during the O.J. Simpson trial, and Nicole Brown Simpson came to us. We're like other psychic mediums, in the sense that we can hear and see and sense spirits... We've channeled 11 of the biggest stars that died under mysterious or tragic circumstances. In many cases, it was a murder or an unsolved mystery. We’re the two best-known psychic crime-solvers in the business. We’ve probably cracked the biggest missing persons and cold-case murders in history."
Photographed by Jason Christopher.
Why did you choose to focus on celebrities who died under tragic or mysterious circumstances?
L: "So many celebrities have died so young in recent years, with so much confusion swirling around their lives and their deaths...and we just had an insatiable curiosity about the lives and deaths of these stars who were so [much] larger than life. Their presence continues to intrigue us...so it’s almost like their legends live on. It seems like the younger they pass, and the more traumatic their deaths [are], the more their legend grows... I think we bring a lot of resolution and closure to a lot of these mysterious passings."

Your book is presented as a series of interviews, each with a dead celebrity. Is that how your interactions, your channelings, really went?
T: "Yes, we did exactly that. We would write our questions down like a TV journalist, and we had a dialogue with these spirits. It was just fascinating. No one had ever done this before, so we were quite amazed at the information, the private information, that they gave us. It was really very moving and touching in many cases. I remember crying at the message that came through from Lady Diana, Natalie Wood, and Michael Jackson... I remember weird things; the computer would jump around, or the cursor would jump around... With Michael Jackson, the whole interview disappeared. We had to redo the whole interview. It just vanished from the computer screen."

L: "
It got really crazy, because we deal with some pretty powerful electrical energies when we’re doing this kind of channeling work. It’s not like we’re just reading cards or something. When you go into that energy field of a deceased celebrity, with that kind of power, it’s pretty intense. We even take on the physical pain that person may have suffered."
Photographed by Joe Tamel.
Is it different reaching out to a dead person, compared to a living person?
T: "Oh yes. It’s very different, because it’s hard for spirits to [communicate with the living]. They have to slow their vibration down in order to connect with mediums here on earth, and we, as mediums, have to raise our vibrations."
Were there any celebrities you reached out to but did not receive a response from?
L: "Not really. We don’t put any limits on who we can connect with. I know some mediums say that’s not possible, but we have not found any problems connecting with spirits we’d like to connect with."

T: "In fact, they find us, often. They’ll come in and say, ‘We want to be in your book.’"

L: "The day before Michael Jackson died, we were writing the name, ‘Michael,’ in our automatic writing, and we didn’t know he was going to pass. We weren’t sure why we were getting his name, but then...we found out about his death, and we were like, That’s why we kept getting his name! It’s almost like we get signals — I’m getting ready to pass. Pay attention."
Could you walk us through what it feels like to receive a vision?
T: "[There are] four 'clairs' — clairaudience (which is hearing), clairvoyance (which is sight), clairsentience (which is feeling or empathy), and claircognizance (which is knowing something without knowing how you know it). We use all four clairs [in our work], so we might be seeing something, we might be dreaming.

"We get very clear colors and visions, and that’s how we create our paintings and costume designs. If we’re channeling people, we get images of them or they come to us in dreams and we see them. We’re working in many dimensions and levels. We’re multidimensional. We use the technique of automatic writing, or channeled writing, pretty much with everything, whether we’re channeling, [doing] mediumship, prophecy, world predictions... We always are utilizing all of our senses."

Could you talk more about automatic writing?
L: "It’s a technique that’s actually ancient, but we didn’t know that when we began [doing it]. I was sitting with Terry...and out of the blue, I just started writing. This archaic language came through [me], and I filled 10 napkins [with my writing]. And I was like, I don’t know why I’m writing this. It came in like medieval manuscript — very loopy, and...the language was very archaic and old-fashioned, but it included information that I would not consciously know.

"We’ve been doing that for over 25 years now. That’s how we access information fields and other dimensions, to receive information about future lives, pasts, current events, world events tragedies — like the World Trade Center attack [and] the Boston bombing. That’s how we get all our information. We have file cabinets filled with our automatic writing. It’s almost like something takes over your hand. It’s not like we’re unconscious. We are in a conscious trance, but our hands move without our conscious direction, across the page. We find that we can both write exactly the same information. That’s an automatic verification process."
Photographed by Bobby Sheehan.
You’re most well-known for your prediction of 9/11 two years prior to the attacks — could you describe what exactly you predicted?
T: "We said there would be a major terror attack on the World Trade Center towers by the year 2002…[with] simultaneous attacks on federal buildings in Washington, D.C. And we mentioned bin Laden; we mentioned 5,000 would perish."

"We even channeled in our writing, ‘United Airlines,’ and ‘American Airlines,’ and those were the two [airlines] that were involved. We have people, kind of like trolls, that will try to claim that our predictions are vague or made up, but everything is timestamped... It’s all pretty detailed."
In that same vein, how do you respond to skeptics?
T: "They refuse to believe, no matter how much proof we give them, because that’s their job — to be non-believers. They’re determined to be haters in many cases, so they’re not open-minded. ‘Skeptic’ used to mean ‘open-minded,’ but...not [anymore]. They’re very close-minded people."

L: "We really think that skeptics are afraid to embrace what they don’t understand. In fact, I think they’re more motivated by cynicism and anger than they are by actually wanting to see evidence. They tend to reject evidence — any evidence that’s given. That’s unfortunate, but most skeptics are committed to discrediting everything mystical or paranormal at all costs, because it’s like a religion to them — to be cynics. They’re skeptical until they see our track record, and then they’re unwilling to admit that we’ve actually offered proof."

Do you believe in a god, goddess, or a higher power?
T: "We have been practicing true Buddhism for 30 years, every day. I would say that we’re Buddhists, but we don’t reject the concept of God, either. We feel that Buddhism embraces all beliefs and we don’t reject any other person’s beliefs or their right to believe."
Photographed by Francis Loney.

Does it ever tire you out, living with these gifts?
T: (Laughs) "It does! It’s completely tiring and draining, because we’re so sensitive to energy and we pick up on everybody’s thoughts and feelings. So often, we’ll be tired, and it’ll be someone else’s fatigue that we’re picking up on. We might be balancing or neutralizing massive energies from the planet or the earth plane, so we’re constantly dealing with an onslaught of energy."

L: "Yeah, it’s exhausting. It’s really difficult. The work we do is not easy. People assume it’s easy, [but] we have trouble even going to parties. People just descend on us."

"I think one of the hardest parts of doing what we do is that we’re the only people that do it, so we’re often the biggest target for people [who] either want to do what we do or wish they could. This is probably the closest thing to a superpower that you can have… A lot of the attacks we get are from professionals within the industry… That’s very draining, because we spend a lot of time on the defense."

L: "[People] are out to attack us because we’re proving something that was unprovable before… Their hearts are closed and shut down, and we have compassion for them. It’s just been extremely difficult. It hasn’t been an easy career… We didn’t take the road less-traveled; we paved our own superhighway, cutting it with machetes.

"It’s very hard to defend yourself…but we never give up… We live in a world where the mainstream media is trying to delegitimize psychic work. What we’re doing is helping to legitimize psychic work in a scientific way, by documenting all of our specific world predictions over 25 years."

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