This Poodle Is The Best Babysitter

Vacuums? Air pumps? Blow dryers? Not on this toy poodle's watch.

When a couple decided to break out their dog grooming blow dryer, their adorable toy poodle leapt into superhero mode. As you can see in the video below, the pup protectively shields her human baby sister from the evil hot air. When the noise stops, she moves away from the baby. When it resumes, she rushes back, wrapping her furry body over the infant's belly. The baby, by the way, is totally unfazed.

Impressively, the dog (name: Eikichi) doesn't bother to bark or freak out, which might scare the baby. She simply rests her head on the baby, and waits for those crazy humans to cut it out. (For the record, her owner is a professional dog groomer and not abusing the dog or baby.)

The video is a couple of years old now, but we expect Eikichi and her sister are thick as thieves these days.
Video: Courtesy YouTube.

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