Kaitlyn Chooses Shawn on The Bachelorette Finale

Last night on The Bachelorette Kaitlyn made one of her suitors a very happy man, and another permanently emotionally scarred. Poor, poor Nick. Not even the romance of a claddagh ring, which worked wonders for Angel and Buffy, could tip the scales in his favor. For the second time, he's one rose short. And while there's nothing funny about someone who just got their heart broken, it is an unintended moment of levity when he considers taking a sip of soda, and then promptly decides he's too distraught for hydration.
But ultimately, it wasn't Nick's night, it was Shawn's. Shawn, who accepted the final rose "150%" (those two crazy kids will get someone else to handle math). His proposal hit all of the classic points, though being a teammate is a little different. Are they playing a game against the world? Are other couples competing for total love domination? There were teary eyes and glittery smiles and all was as it should be in The Bachelorette world.
So what does the future hold for the newly engaged pair? An eternity of happiness, or a $1,000 bill? The couple promised to give Jimmy Kimmel a grand if they're not together in one year. And while the stats on lovers who've been successfully united on the reality show aren't great, a bet might help. After all, Freddie Prinze Jr., accepted Howard Stern's million dollar bet that he wouldn't stay with then fiancé Sarah Michelle Gellar for ten years, and the two are still married thirteen years later.

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