This Female Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Kanye, Oprah & Caitlyn

Some of us are still trying to put on liquid eye liner without looking like an octopus shot ink into our eyes. But for Magali Beauvue, a female makeup artist based in France, no makeup challenge is too great.

The beauty guru's Instagram page is a who's who of A-list celebrities: Kanye West, Oprah Winfrey, Drake, Eddie Murphy, Morgan Freeman, Caitlyn Jenner... Amazingly, these aren't Beauvue's clients. They're Beauvue herself, dolled up to look like just about every star you can think of. We're seriously in awe.

As you can probably tell, the Parisian artist's transformations involve some heavy-duty contouring and an obscene amount of product. The looks almost resemble paintings. Anyone else wondering if they can hire her for Halloween? Or maybe just get her to turn your boyfriend into a Taylor Kitsch or Idris Elba lookalike?

Behold, a few favorites. (People)

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