Blake Lively Vs. North West: Who Ate It Best?

It's time for Who Wore It Better: Chocolate Edition. In this corner, we have the precious two-year-old child of a reality star and a rapper. She's partial to chocolate pancakes and has a clear disdain for bibs. Let's hear it for North West!


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Her challenger is an actress and new mom. She also has a sweet tooth and a loose grasp of proper table manners. Here's Blake Lively with her latest Instagram entry.

This new lipstick is all the rage. 80% cocoa. 112% immature. #AdmittingItIsHalfTheBattle

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Not enough chocolate for you? Try this on for size.

Self portrait. Suck it Picasso. #TooBadIForgotWhichSideMyMoleIsOnHashtagGenius

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Impressive work, ladies. We'll call it a draw. Now grab some wet wipes and sort yourselves out.


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