Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram Followers Have A LOT To Say About This Recent Post

Having followers with lots to say isn't anything new for supermodel Chrissy Teigen, who notoriously calls out her Twitter trolls and isn't afraid to share her stretch marks — or husband John Legend's butt for that matter — with her nearly 3 million Instagram followers. But what happens when fans start (predictably) hyper-analyzing her photos? A feeding frenzy of comments and speculation on one photo in particular, and a fixation on what some are saying appears to be a prenatal vitamin. Now before we travel any further down this treacherous road, prenatal vitamins can be taken for many things that don't involve babies: folic acid, calcium, and iron, to name a few.
Although Chrissy makes zero mention of prenatal vitamins in the snap's caption, some commenters swear otherwise. Her photo reads, "Heading to nyc for#lipsyncbattlelive!!! Baby aspirin, one a day because I'm old, arnica because i am coated in bruises, la mer because I am dry as a bone and peel pads because my skin is made of salt right now. Eye makeup remover and vodka complete the kit." Here are just a few of the comments: "Those are my prenatal one a days!" – geege12 "Vodka AND Prenatals? (Yes, those One-A-Days look just like the ones I took....) That sounds like me months before my husband knocked me up! Hahaha! Have fun with that! ???" – dawn_love9 "Def not a baby asprin...waaay too big! Not going to make assumptions on what it actually is though" –
All we can say, if (and only IF) Chrissy is planning on expanding her family, is we really can't wait to meet a beautiful, talented Teigen-Legend collaboration. Or two.

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