How To Carry Around The Internet’s Cutest Cats In Your Pocket

Photo: REX USA.
Calling all feline-obsessors: Your prayers have been answered, thanks to Burning Flowers (the software company behind Make It Rain). Cat Shake is a brand-new app that plays home to an endless supply of the cutest cat videos in existence. Here’s how it works: Download the app. Shake your phone for adorable videos. already planned to take the rest of the week off, right? The heart-warming clips — filled with cats running, jumping, and rolling around — might take a moment to load. But, don’t fret, enjoy some equally cute cat GIFs while you wait. We'll call it cute-cat discovery at its finest. The more kitties, the better. A few favorites include one curious feline whose mouth gets wider and wider as he watches Steve Jobs unveil the iPad for the first time. There are also Japanese cats dressed as businessmen. And of course, your standard cats who are obsessed with plastic, cats who can't quite jump from the couch to the kitchen counter, and cats enjoying cat naps with other cats. Pro tip: It might be wise to watch the vids in private, both because your reactions are likely to be involunarty and severe, and because your own furry pals may get jealous.

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