Does Your iPhone Keep Restarting? You’re Not Alone

Photograph by Mark Iantosca.
You're in the middle of tapping out an email or closing out an app, when bam! Like you flipped an invisible switch, your iPhone screen suddenly goes black and your phone restarts. If you thought that you alone suffered from this wonky, irritating bug, you're mistaken: It's actually quite widespread. People are posting all over Tumblr about their iPhone-restarting frustrations and there's a 34-page thread on Apple's support forums regarding the issue. Sporadic, spontaneous crashing is something that can happen on devices running older versions of iOS. Apple is aware of this and recommends updating to the latest version to prevent it from happening. But this time, the problem seems to be happening to people on various model iPhones, running different versions of iOS — it's not limited to a specific older OS or particular phone. What can you do if your phone is one of the many that does keep restarting? Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a clear solution, but there are a few options that might help. First, if you're running an older version of iOS 8, go ahead and update to the latest version, iOS 8.4. You can do this by going to Settings, General, Software Update, and then following the onscreen directions to update your OS. (As an added bonus, updating your OS will also give you access to Apple's new streaming music service, Apple Music.) Another culprit seems to be having too many apps — although the exact number that constitutes "too many" seems to vary from phone to phone. Many users with the crashing issue have over 800 apps installed, but others see the problem with only 300 apps, or as few as 17. For this, you could try a little iPhone spring summer cleaning to see if it helps. If that doesn't work, well, at least your home screen will be a little more organized. You could also try making an appointment and taking your phone to the Apple Store, but many Apple forum posters found Genius staff unhelpful in this case. If all else fails, voice your annoyance with your iPhone's restarting on Apple's forums and social media. It certainly can't hurt to draw more attention to the issue — and you'll probably feel better after venting...Even if your phone restarted after doing so.

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