“You Look Disgusting” Video Sheds Light On Some Harsh Beauty Truths

YouTube has long been a platform where beauty enthusiasts can quickly become vloggers — showing off their hair and makeup skills to people worldwide. And lately, some of these vloggers have been sharing moving messages about the true power of makeup. NikkieTutorials' video, which proceeded to shut down makeup-shaming haters, spurred a #ThePowerOfMakeup Instagram movement. Now, Em Ford of My Pale Skin is joining in on spreading the positive message about loving the skin you're in. Three months ago, Ford went barefaced on social media, showing off her adult acne to her 100,000+ YouTube subscribers. The film starts out showing her without makeup, surrounded by some of the real-life cruel comments that users left, some of which include, "WTF is wrong with her face?" and "You look disgusting." She goes on to cover up her blemishes with a full face of makeup (quite impressively, might we add) — similarly displaying the positive and complimentary messages she's received when her face is done up. But then, those quickly turn into accusations that her makeup is somehow a form of trickery. "This is why I have trust issues," reads one of the comments. Juxtaposing these comments shows not only how effed up people can be (and how social media can be a double-edge sword), but also the unrealistic expectations that society sets. Apparently, according to some, a makeup-less face is ugly — but makeup is false advertising. This is a pretty confusing and hypocritical message to have thrown at you daily, which is why Ford's video is so important to watch — whether you're a makeup enthusiast or not— to remember that you ARE beautiful, no matter how flawed you may feel. Watch it above to see for yourself (and get ready to feel all of the feels).

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