5 Times Misty Copeland Made Us Want To Be Ballerinas

Misty Copeland was named a principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre on June 30, making her the first-ever African-American female to hold the position. Copeland's promotion came after 14 years of performing with the New York City company. Her professional résumé? Copeland, 32, began dancing at the age of 13 (a little older than the age when most ballerinas get their start), has been profiled by 60 Minutes, appeared on the cover of TIME magazine, and is the subject of a forthcoming documentary. She was the first African-American to star in "Swan Lake" with ABT — and has been a prominent spokesperson about race in ballet. But what makes her the arguably one of the most famous ballerinas in America? Her dancing, of course.
Here, five clips to make you fall in love with Misty Copeland. And to see her in real life, check out American Ballet Theatre's calendar of performances.
A quick teaser from American Ballet Theatre: A History, from PBS.
The Under Armour campaign featuring Misty Copeland's story, which went viral last year and now has more than 8 million views.
Misty Copeland dancing with Matthew Prescott at the Vail International Dance Festival in 2011, to Ingrid Michaelson's cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love." Swoon.
Copeland dancing at a tribute to Patricia McBride in 2014.
And, yes, here she is in a Prince music video in 2013.