#AskELJames Turns Twitter Into One Giant Fifty Shades Of Grey Hate Fest

Photo: Rex USA.
"How long did it take to write the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy?" "Do you write every day?" "What songs did you listen to while writing?" These are probably the kinds of standard questions author E.L. James was prepared to answer during today's live Twitter Q&A, in support of her latest release, Grey. And indeed, those are the questions she answered from Twitter's U.K. offices. But it must have been some Twitter underling's special job to hunt down those benign questions for James, because they were few and far between the kinds of tweets that dominated the #AskELJames hashtag. Like many a PR-motivated hashtag before it (#AskSeaWorld, anyone?), things took a turn for disaster almost instantly. Twitter users "asked" the pseudonymous author why she chose to portray the relationship between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele as so abusive. They took her to task for misrepresenting rape and stalking as acceptable forms of BDSM behavior (they are definitely not). Then there were the mean tweets calling her out for her less-than-stellar writing style. Twilight fans also joined in the choir, complaining about her turning her Twilight fan fiction into a multimillion-dollar franchise, something they've been doing for years. As you can imagine, James answered none of these. Here are some of the more scathing "questions" pitched to James. Get ready to read, laugh, and cringe.

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