Gigi Hadid Just Gave Us The Best Damn Beauty Advice

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Everyone is always trying to make famous people seem "down-to-earth." It's paved the way for an entire style of reporting: "Celebrities! They're just like us!" Whenever someone used that description, I'd usually just roll my eyes. Until I met Gigi Hadid. Because Hadid is, in fact, one of the most down-to-earth models in the biz right now. You can see it in her funny Instagram posts, her honest tweets, and her #slayworthy turn in BFF Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video. As she sat across from me in a pair of ripped jeans and a black tee (the same exact outfit she wore to dinner with Taylor & Co. later that night), we discussed the merits of eating French fries while doing your makeup, nude lips versus bold lips, and why she doesn't adhere to the idea of a "bikini body." When I left, I felt like I'd just had coffee with a friend. (Which I'm totally open to if you are, Gigi.) I'm sure your mother [model Yolanda Foster] taught you and your sister [Bella Hadid] some amazing beauty tips. What were some of the most memorable ones?
"Well, I grew up on a ranch with horses, so I grew up watching my mom [there]. She never really wore makeup at the barn, and she was very free and nature-oriented. She drank a lot of water, and was always so into the purest forms of everything. So I’ve always been a really big fan of just putting the purest stuff in your body." We have to talk about Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video. What was the vibe on-set?
"We were laughing the whole time. The part at the end where we’re all walking and supposed to look all cool, we were, like, rolling our ankles every five seconds because we were wearing these massive heels on gravel. We’d fall, and then everyone would try not to laugh, and keep walking."
How did you come up with your character, Slay-Z?
"I love the whole social media 'slay' thing — I think it’s so funny. And I love Beyoncé and Jay-Z, so we made it Slay-Z." It seems like your group of friends really, actually supports each other.
"100%. I think it’s cool that we get to make being nice cool, where other generations have been infamous for their cattiness to one another. It’s starting this whole #SquadGoals trend, which is really fun. People are getting inspired by that — to support their friends, have a good friend group, pick each other up, and be just as excited for other people as they are for whatever they’re doing [themselves]." It's bikini season, and so many women are concerned with getting into a certain type of shape. Do you have advice for girls who get defeated by these ideals?
"I grew up in a beach town, which I think is actually a really cool environment for self-acceptance because we’re on the beach year-round. You find how you feel your best — whether you feel better when you’re eating gluten-free or whatever it is. I feel better when I eat a burger every other night. (laughs) I think it’s cool to find what makes you feel healthy all year-round. That should be your beach body. It’s not about being skinny for three months out of the year; it’s about feeling your best the whole year."
I’ve heard that you do your own makeup?
"Not on shoots, but I do it on the red carpet sometimes! My makeup artists are always pushing me to do something else, because I’m always like, 'Foundation, mascara, and that’s it.' And they’re just like, 'Do a lip!' (laughs) 'Just do a freakin’ lip!'"

What do you like about doing it yourself?

"Sometimes, I just want to be in my hotel and not talk to anyone. When I get an hour to be alone, I'd rather sit in my hotel room by myself, order fries, and do my own makeup." Do you have any advice for the perfect selfie?
"Good lighting! Stand next to a window." How about a favorite Instagram filter?
"I feel like when the lighting is the best, you don’t need a filter. It ruins it." So you're team #nofilter?
"Yes! #Nofilter. (laughs)" If you had to steal a beauty routine from one of your friends, who would it be?
"Kendall [Jenner] is really good about her skin. Like, the second she gets home, she washes her face perfectly. She always knows how to do her makeup; she’s really good at that stuff. I feel like I get lazy and go to sleep sometimes — she never does."

If you could give one piece of beauty advice to women, what would it be?

"Eat clean, and work out to stay fit — and have a burger to stay sane."

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