"Undo Send" Is Now Officially Built Into Gmail. Hallelujah.

Illustrated by Jasmin Valcourt.
If you hastily hit the send button on an ill-thought-out email, it's now easier than ever to pretend it never even happened in the first place. Google just made its amazing "Undo Send" a bona fide, built-in Gmail feature.

You've been able to "Undo Send" for a while now, as an option you could enable from Google Labs. But now, it's easier to use: Under the General tab in Gmail's settings, you can adjust "Undo Send" so you've got anywhere from five to 30 seconds to recall a bad decision in the making.

Turns out, unsending accidental messages — whether it's a flirty note to Mo that you sent to Mom, or a memo in which you talked about your team's "sexcess" rather than its excess budget — is a major problem in the world. There are lots of email clients besides Gmail that offer this feature, like Criptext. And there are apps and services that handle unsending not just email, but text messages, too (you can check these out here).

"Undo Send" will roll its way into your main Gmail settings over the next few weeks, if it's not there already. If you haven't switched it on, now is the perfect time. Trust us, there will be a day when you need it.

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