You Can Finally Un-Send That Accidental Email With This App

You know it the moment it happens. You mis-type a single letter, your autocorrect jumps to conclusions, and before you can stop your finger from hitting "send," you've delivered your less-than-PG email meant for your best friend to the very deskmate you were ratting out. There are few things you wouldn't do to take it all back, right? Enter Criptext, a new app that can help you dodge this heart-stopping moment. Available as an extension on Gmail and Outlook, Criptext allows you to track any email you send. You'll know the moment your email reaches the recipient, and when that person opens it — so, if it ended up in the wrong person's inbox, you have a window of time to recall the message before they read it. The option to "un-send" an accidental email is shown alongside each sent message, so that you can undo your slipup with the click of a button. The app's designers have also taken a page out of Snapchat's very successful book and enabled users to set expiration dates for their emails, in which case they are automatically recalled and deleted from the recipient's inbox after a set amount of time. In addition to secure emailing, Criptext also offers a secure messaging service that hides your name if someone tries to take a screenshot. So no matter how your deskmate discovers your true feelings for them, they can't store the evidence.

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