Who Is Your Celebrity Style Doppelgänger?

Traveling by air is fun. Even if it's a short day trip your company booked you on, the prospect of switching time zones, or even just zip codes, is filled with potential — which can make a bad airport experience all the worse in comparison. The long lines, the less-than-fresh food, and the fear of missing your plane (or even scarier, losing your luggage) can loom over your head. But for those of you who understand the power of a killer outfit, you can win back part of that jet-set charm through your in-flight style. Take the quiz below to see which travel doppelgänger you should be studying to help inspire your next air excursion. Swipe left if the trend isn't for you, and swipe right if you'd totally wear that on a future flight. We're here to help you figure out which celebrity's travel style best suits your own.

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