You Have to Watch This Stomach-Dropping Boeing 787 Takeoff

Like something out of a crazy action movie—but with soothing jazz music and car commercial feel—the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner does an unbelievable near-upright takeoff in a new teaser video for Paris Air Week. Prepare to be amazed.
We didn't think that kind of vertical liftoff was possible. The plane looks so majestic (and somewhat terrifying) as it soars upward like the space shuttle. And, watch it take a few curves like you'd see at a Blue Angel air show. You know who isn't feeling so majestic? The passengers. Can you imagine being on that plane as it skyrocketed upward? No, thank you. We've done The Hulk ride at Universal Studios enough times to know what 6 g's of pressure feels like, and it's really not pleasant. We can already picture the sweaty palms and profanity-laced screams. The good thing is that the Dreamliner is 20 feet longer and 20% more efficient than Boeing's previous model. ABC News also reports that the extreme assent was only for the demonstration and not how the plane will actually take off during commercial use. Whew.

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