Chipotle’s Latest Announcement Is A Game-Changer For Its Employees

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images.
This might sound cheesy, but as I have grown older, I have come to realize how incredibly lucky I am to have had access to a fantastic education. So, I was thrilled to read Chipotle's big news that it will be expanding benefits — including sick pay, paid vacations, and tuition reimbursement — to all of its employees, even part-time workers, starting July 1. This is a major move for the company, which previously reserved these benefits only for salaried workers. But, the perks come with a few caveats: Chipotle's per-student reimbursement is limited to $5,250 per calendar year by the IRS, industry site Restaurant News reports. Also, Employees will be required to maintain a C average or higher in order to continue receiving the benefit. This is a very smart move for Chipotle, not only because it is empowering people to change their lives, but I'd bet that it will be a huge recruitment tool for a quality staff. Plus, it's just smart business: Chipotle is already a favorite among millennials, but with these forward-thinking changes, along with its pledge to phase out GMOs and its new delivery service, the company is poised to further dominate the fast casual market. Not naming names, but maybe some other fast food chains should take note.

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