How To Show Skin Without Actually Showing Skin

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images.
With all the naked dressing we've seen lately, it's really no surprise when a celebrity — no matter how popular — walks the red carpet practically in the buff. But either by sheer coincidence or in an attempt to stretch the trend du moment's 15 minutes of fame even longer, Rose Byrne showed us a creative way to wear — or rather, not wear — the naked dress.

The Australian actress showed up to the Spy premiere in New York City wearing an Osman fall 2015 gown that offered a sneak peek at her legs and waistline instead of a more over-the-top full monty. Sure, it's not a naked-naked dress of the no-pants J.Lo or side-butt Beyoncé persuasion, but really, what is? What sets this dress apart from its nude-dress comrades is that it's subtly modest while still getting the skin-showing job done. The pseudo, oversized paillettes cover Byrne in all the right places, helping direct focus toward her figure and the sly peeks of leg, without going all-out. The floss-thin straps and cutouts help, too.

A fresh take on any red carpet trend that's been exhausted at just about every awards show this season is certainly welcomed. For those who'd still love to dip a toe in the ubiquitous bare-all look without making the full, um, commitment, rest assured there’s a way to show a lot of skin without actually showing it — and Byrne did it here. Let this less-is-more approach serve as antidote for the more-is-more aesthetic. Of course, if you'd rather just cannon ball into the deep end, more power to ya.

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