5 Epic Quotes From Kanye West's Motivational Speech

Photo: Rex/REX USA.
Harvard got Natalie Portman for its commencement speech. The Los Angeles Technical-Trade College, however, got Kanye West to come to its Gold Thimble fashion show, so... call it even?

ET Online reports that West was on hand to work with fashion students and make some motivating remarks yesterday. The rapper first partnered with the community college as part of his community service requirement in 2014, but stayed on as a mentor of sorts (which is pretty impressive).

West's speech certainly fit the inspiring mold, and it was pure Kanye. Below, some choice quotes.

"It's a tough world out there. You're going to prepare yourself for politics, bad bosses, hating employees — and usually when you're the absolute best, you get hated on the most."

"Never stop fighting no matter what anyone says. If it's in your gut, your soul, there's nothing, no worldly possession that should come between you and your expression."

"The average celebrity designer — their fingers don't get bloody. They don't pick up needles. They don't know how to sew. I can pin a little bit. I respect people who have taken their time to really learn and hone a craft."

"People always try to box you in to what they know you best for."

"I empathize with anyone who has ever loved fashion because it's not like loving the idea of being a lawyer or becoming a doctor."

Preach. Photoshopping in some kitty photos for a new batch of motivational cubicle posters.


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