This Simple Trick Will Free Up Tons Of Space On Your iPhone

Photo: Courtesy Apple.
Don't you hate it when you go to download a new app, or record a video, and get notified that your iPhone is out of storage space? Ugh, that's what we get for saving $100 by getting the 16 GB model. It's okay though: There's a quick, easy trick for freeing up loads of space on your phone. If you use mobile Safari for your web browsing, unbeknownst to you, it's been caching the data files of the photos and videos it loads. Over time, all of those little (and big) files add up. But, you can clear them out. Go to Settings > Safari and scroll down, tap "Clear History and Website Data," then hit confirm. Depending on what you've browsed, this could free up hundreds of megabytes, or even a gigabyte, of space on your phone, which you can then use for storing more photos, more apps, or more music. It's like a juice cleanse for your phone — that actually works. If running out of space on your phone is a constant problem for you, we suggest uploading all of your photos to a cloud service like iCloud, Google Photos, Dropbox, or Flickr so you don't need to store any of them on the handset itself. Then, your iPhone's limited storage space can be purely dedicated to the apps you want to use. So feel free to snap selfies, get your GIF-based news headlines, or turn yourself into a gyrating animated pop star without a worry.

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