This Khloé Kardashian Niqab Instagram Is Pissing People Off

Khloé Kardashian is at it again. Less than a month after riling people up with a post about Baltimore that some found to be tone-deaf, the reality star is causing outrage with her latest selfie. Here's the photo causing the uproar. 

Habibi Love

A photo posted by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

The youngest Kardashian sister happens to be traveling in Dubai. While some women of the Muslim faith wear traditional niqabs like the one pictured, it is not required of all females. It seems Kardashian just felt like using the garment as a fashion prop to show some "habibi love." Many of the commenters on Instagram aren't impressed. "Please do not say she's respecting the customs of Dubai when she's not wearing the hijab in any of her other Dubai photos," one posted. "There was literally no need for her to post this besides to start the cultural appropriation debate under her photo (which btw, it is appropriating since she's using it as a fashion statement)." "A veil isn't a costume that you can just put on bc it makes your eyes look cool," another commenter posted. Yet another summed the situation up with two hashtags: #culturalappropriation and #disgusting. Kardashian will no doubt explain that she was trying to show respect for Muslim dress, but she's overlooking the religious significance of the garment. A niqab isn't an accessory, and shouldn't be treated as such. (Complex) More Entertainment Stories:
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