Meet The New Female Action Figures

Photo: Courtesy HeroMeLab.
No pressure, but should you find some cash burning a hole in your pocket, you might consider kicking it forward to this much-needed Kickstarter campaign. HeroMe Labs has already raised nearly $2,000 since launching its bid to create a line of customizable female action figures yesterday. The HeroMe Girl line follows the brand's Kickstarter-funded male HeroMe line. We might also add that it would certainly fill a void in the toy marketplace, where even Black Widow can't get much love. "The HM team wants to redefine the role of the female superhero as it's important for girls to be exposed to strong female superheroes, but it's just as important for boys to have powerful female superheroes as role models, too," a spokeswoman for the company said in a press release. "Rather than curves, skin-baring outfits and sidekick roles, the HeroMe Girl designs showcase strong, happy, and confident female superheroes. These girls are leaders, not just sidekicks, and they're ready to star in the adventures created by any child." Lest you balk at the HeroMe Girl name, note that it's only temporary. "The term HeroMe Girl will go away as soon as we secure the funding we need to design and manufacture our female heads and torso," the company says. "In our minds, all the HeroMes — male or female — are on the same team, the HeroMe team. We won't be making distinctions between HeroMe boys and girls, and all of the figures will have access to the same superpower arms, legs, red uniform, and accessories. At HeroMe, we are about encouraging ALL kids to be creative — not distinguishing girls from boys or designing toys specifically for different genders." Sold! Female buttkickers, assemble!

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