Silicon Valley Has A Fashion Week?

Last week, Silicon Valley got a Fashion Week of its very own. No, it did not feature hoodies, Converse, or nerd-tastic spectacles on the runway. Instead, crowdsourced apparel company Betabrand aimed to show how cutting-edge technologies can weave themselves into our future wardrobes.
On the runway, humans sported most of the looks, but a few talented robots and drones took the stage as well. The event showcased creations from numerous makers and designers and featured high-tech fashion ranging from electroluminescent dresses to 3D-printed headgear. With a packed crowd of San Franciscans in attendance, countless LEDs, and even pop-n'-locking, it's safe to say this was not your typical fashion show.
Technology and fashion actually have a close-knit relationship. After all, synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester were originally developed by chemists. Now, startups like Electroloom are trying to use 3D-printing techniques to create new fashion materials. LED clothing is being used to help cyclists stay safe on the roads. And, crowdfunding is changing the ability to mass-manufacture new styles, giving individual designers a greater chance to share their creations with the world. 
We rounded up some of our favorite (and some of the most adventurous) looks from the Silicon Valley runway. Watch out, New York, Paris, and Milan — NorCal is coming for you. Or, maybe not so much. You can be the judge.

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