Here’s How Much We Instagram About Love, Vibrators, & Pizza

We 'gram what we love — from beach vacations to boozy brunches. Sure, #foodie and #foodporn are popular, but are we hashtagging the things we really love? SuperDrug's Online Doctor looked at 645,368 geo-tagged Instagram posts from the U.S. — and 650,636 posts from Europe — and made some very interesting observations about how we document sex, love, and, of course, pizza.
According to Instagram's hashtag data, users are much more likely to hashtag their #pizza than their #girlfriend or #marriage. However, there are a few states who do 'gram their relationships even more than their cheesy slices — notably southern ones such as Mississippi and Georgia, plus a couple of other (apparently pizza-hating) outliers like Nebraska and Idaho.
Photo: Courtesy Superdrug.
Then, there's love vs. sex toys: In general, #dildo and #vibrator are far more popular hashtags than #love in the colder, northern reaches of the U.S. — New Hampshire and Vermont were #1 and #2, and Montana #3. (Are you trying to keep warm, Burlington?) Meanwhile, Wyoming, Idaho, Hawaii, West Virginia, and Utah show the least amount of love for sex toy-related Instagrams compared to #love posts.  But, if you're looking at sex-toy-related posts alone, New York, California, and Nevada post the most per capita (all three prefer #vibrators to #dildos, by the way). It may come as no surprise that these Americans' sex-positive European counterparts are the Scandinavians, who Instagram the most about their vibing habits overall. If you're looking for some vibration inspiration for your own feed tonight, we've got you covered. For more stats, maps, and graphs, you can check out the rest of the data here

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