12 Celebs Who Were Unrecognizable At The Billboard Music Awards

Photo: Peter Brooker/REX Shutterstock.
This Sunday night, when we settle in to watch the Billboard Music Awards, one of our favorite parts will no doubt be judging enjoying the parade of red carpet looks. And, just think about this: No matter how lovely Beyoncé or Taylor Swift's gowns appear, someday, they will look as incredibly, confoundingly tacky as the throwback looks ahead. Because time's a heartless bitch-goddess like that.

That's what makes the outfits that follow such a delight. Once, in a more innocent time, sandblasted denim eveningwear, belly chains, and...whatever Pink has on actually looked good to us. Click on for 12 celebs who would not be caught dead in their '90s-'00s BMA looks. And God save us all when neon newsboy caps come back in style.

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