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These 9 Etsy Finds Perfectly Display Your Celebrity Fandom

There are fans, and then there are fans. The kind of people who would have been highly eligible for that old MTV show Fanatic. These people used to get their kicks from attending as many of their hero's concerts as possible, memorizing quotes from our favorite TV shows, plastering their walls with movie posters from Spencer's, and maybe, if you're like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, knitting your own needlepoint designs to beautifully illustrate your beloved celebrity's facial features.
This style of fandom was all pre-social media. Now, all a fan has to do is follow their favorite celeb on Instagram, or wait patiently for them to respond to their tweet.
But, thanks to Etsy, there's a place online where fans can combine their internet savvy with celebrity-inspired crafts. Now, your love of Drake and drawing can not only coexist, but turn a profit. Every last Cumberbitch can not only show off her latest batch of Cumbercupcakes, but sell them to fellow lovers of Benedict Cumberbatch and sugary frosting.
Behold, a few of our favorite clever and crafty items for sale on Etsy, that literally make an art out of celebrity worship.

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