How To Do Black Tie When You Want To Dance Your Face Off

When you RSVP yes to a party hosted by a bunch of dancers, you ought not pick an outfit that doesn't let you move. So, when the New York City Ballet invites you to one of the biggest parties of the year to kick off its new performance season, the same rules apply. At last night’s annual Spring Gala, we couldn’t help but notice how many outfits were not only made for moving, but had ballet in mind to begin with.
The mark of a dance-your-face-off design is in its silhouette. Will it shimmy when you shimmy? Will it prevent you from bending your knees? To celebrate the start of the NYC Ballet’s newest season, and the premiere of the Danish ballet La Sylphide, the red carpet responded with looks as pretty as the ones on stage, and nearly as functional, too. Perhaps the outfits ahead aren't quite perpared to perform a pas de deux, but at the very least they were perfect for cheering one on. 

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