12 Tacky Hepburn-Inspired Buys Audrey Would Never Be Down With

Of all of life's great mysteries, we may sooner discover the sound of one hand clapping than figure out how a woman as flawlessly, tastefully chic as Audrey Hepburn inspires such horrendously tacky home and fashion items.
Seriously, mug-makers and T-shirt designers: What is it about a simple Givenchy gown, a cropped cigarette pant, a crisp white shirt that inspires these travesties? How could such classic elements go so terribly wrong? Also, you know Audrey wouldn't be caught dead in this hoody, right?
To wrest away her memory from those who would sully it, we present to you the 12 most heinous, horrid, and just plain WTF-y Audrey-inspired items we could find. Look away, Golightly-lovers. This isn't gonna be pretty. 

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