J.K. Rowling Is Sorry For Killing Off This Harry Potter Character

Photo: Everett Collection/Rex USA.
In case you missed the memo, yesterday marked the 17th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, as featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. We know this because J.K. Rowling tweeted about it — and, also, because that kind of bloodshed isn't something you easily forget.  Speaking of which, the beloved author would like to commemorate the sad anniversary with an annual apology for a particular battle casualty. She's chosen one especially mourned character to honor first. Here's a hint: He had an identical twin and bright red hair, liked to pull pranks, and met his end in a fiery explosion while trying to defend Hogwarts. Rest in peace, Fred Weasley. Here's Rowling's mea culpa, which she tweeted this weekend, followed by her response to a fan who wondered why Weasley got special recognition, given the battle's gory bodycount. 
At this point, the apology may be cold comfort for fans of the Weasley family. Still, it's nice to know poor Fred isn't entirely forgotten. Grab some butterbeer and pour one out. 

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