Every Girl With A Bike Needs To Know This Genius Hack

UPDATE: Friday, May 15 is National Bike To Work Day! To celebrate, we bring you this truly genius trick to make sure your skirt stays outta your gears. Ride on...
The drama of biking in a skirt has plagued dress-donning cyclists for ages. There's nothing like flashing the commuter crowds — or being forced into multiple wardrobe changes per day — to make a convenient form of transportation feel inconvenient.
If your skirt's long enough to avoid showing a little too much, you can run the risk of getting it caught in your wheels. Basically, it's a regular transportation/street-style catch-22. So, in a world where biking in a skirt can lead to anything from a faux pas to a real hazard, what's a gal on wheels to do? Thanks to the lovely ladies behind "Penny In Yo Pants," you shall ride in fear no more.
Not only is this trick to transform your skirt into a pair of bike-friendly shorts genius, it's also incredibly simple. The fun, instructional video breaks the method down perfectly. (If you're still not convinced, L.V. Anderson of Slate will vouch for it, too.)

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