Update: Sia’s New Music Video Was Actually Made By Heidi Klum

There's a new video out for Sia's "Fire Meet Gasoline" — but the song is actually just on loan to Heidi Klum. The supermodel used the just-released song to score what's essentially a lengthy commercial for her lingerie line; she also stars in the video, alongside Game of Thrones' Pedro Pascal. The overall effect is smoking hot, and also a little confusing. Klum and Pascal are a good lookin' couple, and spend much of the video rolling around on various surfaces together in different states of half-dress. They smooch a lot and ride in a truck without seat belts (who needs road safety when you have passion?). That thing where they're in their skivvies making out and white sheets float around them happens. At some point, Pascal hands Klum a bloody rock and then she burns the house down and puts on a Sia wig. The whole thing is basically like a long Victoria's Secret commercial — but with more arson. Klum's product placement moment arrives three minutes in when the camera focuses on her bra and we see that it's from her eponymous lingerie line.  Final thoughts: We are into it but want to know if Pascal murdered his wife and Klum is helping him cover it up so they can live a very sexy life together untethered by former, er, flames. Also, what deal did Heidi Klum sign with the devil, and is that offer still available?

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