11 Stars Who Celebrate Their Natural Beauty On Instagram

Celebrities live in the spotlight; it's just part of the game. That typically means that everything they say, do, and the way they look, gets dissected and discussed online. More often than not, it's a critical conversation and furthermore, women tend to receive the most scrutiny.
Still, celebrities are people too. The stream of criticism they see every time they open Twitter surely doesn't go unnoticed, but a few brave stars choose to combat the hate with self-love. Some have even taken it to another level by publicly addressing and celebrating their imperfections on social media. From Chrissy Teigen's stretch marks to Lena Dunham's support of physical activity, we're inspired. 
Their strength, courage and originality are admirable. More importantly, they're setting a wonderful example for the rest of us. So, let's take note of some of these incredible women and observe how they're changing the tide of what it means to be beautiful. 

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