Is Kendall Jenner Having The Worst Coachella Ever?

Woe is Kendall Jenner. According to her Instagram, she had the best weekend ever at Coachella. The entertainment news cycle, on the other hand, is painting an entirely different picture. Those bikini shots with friends and lip-syncing videos are no cover up for what really went down at the various concerts, poolside bashes, and neon carnivals Jenner attended (or at least attempted to) over the weekend. They also portray a much more Justin Bieber-filled few days than Jenner's own social media streams admit. On Thursday, Bieber shared a photo of he and Jenner getting rather cuddly with some puppies on Instagram, and it basically paired them off in news items for the entire weekend. People has a story called "Inside Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner's Coachella Weekend Together," which details basically every move each of them made at the festival in relation to one another. Yahoo has a similar story, only it adds "flirty" to the headline. They went to this party together! She skipped an event, but then they met up at the after-party! Very riveting stuff. We're dealing with a 19- and 21-year-old getting VIP treatment during a weekend of concerts and parties here, though, so there's bound to be drama. According to E!, Kendall was denied entry to the annual Neon Carnival because she's underage. Kudos to the organizers for being strict about carding a celebrity, but the Biebs wasn't having it. "Justin caused an enormous scene and threw a fit to try and let his famous friend inside, but security didn't budge. So, they all left," E! reported.  That wasn't the only drama Jenner experienced during the weekend. Headlines gleefully detailed Tyler, the Creator's concert, during which he cursed out Kendall. "Kendall Jenner’s here, thinking she cute and shit," the rapper said. "Hey Kendall. Kendall! Kendall! I’m over here to your right. Fuck you!" He also shared a video of the event on Twitter.
Is this evidence of a feud? Yes, if you ask the Internet. No, if you ask Kendall Jenner. She responded by playfully flipping the bird and then retweeting Tyler's tweets about the event. "Love," she captioned the video. "PEOPLE REALLY THINK I HATE YOU LOVE HAHAHAH," Tyler tweeted, and Kendall retweeted with a crying laughing emoji. 
According to Us Weekly, Kendall also had an awkward run-in with Amber Rose at yet another party. Rose apparently sat down at a cabana that was reserved for Jenner and her entourage, and Kendall said, "No way, this is not happening." The incident may not even have happened, though, according to members of ASTR, the band that performed at the party. "I don't think she was ever in the same place as Kendall," they told Yahoo! Style.  Did Kendall Jenner have the worst Coachella ever? Yes, if Internet headlines have anything to say about it. Her Instagram photos tell an entirely different story, though. Then again, isn't that always the case? Read these stories next:
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