How To Wear Tuxedo Pants Like Mary-Kate Olsen

The Olsen twins have been known for playing with textbook fashion conventions since long before they became designers themselves. Mary-Kate's personal style lies somewhere between laid-back boho, downtown edge, and old-school sophistication. The sartorial intersection of these three distinct vibes isn't necessarily obvious on paper. But, Mary-Kate put it into practice at last night's Tribeca Ball, making her entrance in an ensemble typical of her personal style: flea-market treasure goes high fashion.

She paired an elegant, embroidered cardigan with slim-fit tuxedo pants. What separates this society-function look from something your thrift-store-savant friend might wear for a Brooklyn night out are Mary-Kate's sleek accessories: classic, pointy high-heeled boots, and an embossed crossbody carried as a clutch.

And, the outfit is easily replicable without the premium price tag. You can find a beautiful, embellished kimono to call your own at your local flea (or, if you're lazy, your favorite fast-fashion retailer). Well-tailored, satiny pants add a dash of elegance, while pointy-toed boots — a classic power piece — give the whole look a final, fancy touch.

You can go full Olsen for the day, and take this look out for some midweek gallery hopping. See how to replicate Mary-Kate's intersectional outfit, below. 

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