Watch The Haunting New Video For Madonna’s “Ghosttown”

Madonna just dropped the video for "Ghosttown." In it, she's serving up some Stevie Nicks/dominatrix ringmaster realness. The lyrics deal with what happens when everything comes crashing down, and the world feels like an empty ghost town. The video delivers on the track's concept by placing Madonna in a last-woman-on-earth scenario. In the opening, warnings flash across the screen in various languages. The world has been annihilated in a nuclear apocalypse. Madonna appears to be the sole survivor, and what a well-dressed survivor she is. If only we would all wake up after the destruction of mankind in a leather bustier, fishnets, a garter belt, and a flowing emerald cape. But, I digress. Madonna isn't the only person left alive. Terrence Howard also made it through the wilderness (somehow he made it through-ooo-oooo). The two take off in pursuit of one another — he with an automatic weapon, she with a golf club — before realizing that they're not mortal enemies. They engage in a rather involved tango routine before setting off into an unknown future. Along for the ride is a lost child to complete their new family.  Watch it all unfold in "Ghosttown." 

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