Coming Out Of The Closet: A Woman AND Her Dress

Photo: Courtesy of Modcloth.
If you haven't heard of Rye Silverman yet, it's time to get her on your radar. In addition to being hilarious, the self-described "stand up comedian, writer, and gender rebel" has a style story that'll resonate with anyone who understands that fashion is as much about identity as it is getting dressed in the morning. 

In an interview on Modcloth's Story blog, Silverman explains how her decision to bring dresses "out of [her] closet" was a huge step in defining herself:

 "I didn't come out about being transgender till I was 27... I finally faced my fears about it and knew I couldn’t carry the secret of it, and was tired of feeling ashamed about it."

Silver says she was inspired in part by her comedy act: 

"I’d started getting real open and honest onstage, and one day I realized I couldn’t really be honest if I was living a lie... I waited years for someone to come along and tell me that it was okay to be myself before I finally realized that someone was me. That’s what fashion is all about for me — taking how you feel and using your style as an expression of that.”

Silverman's using wit and humor to navigate her experience as a trans person, too. Witness her literally perfect response to why it's not okay to ask someone about their transitioning plans: "[It's] an extremely personal question if you break it down. It’s basically, 'So what’s up with your junk?'" This should be printed on cards and embroidered on pillows.

Click over to Modcloth for the rest of Silverman's story, including how she deals with "scary moments" onstage, and how she inspired the "All About Rye" dress. (Story by Modcloth)

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