Polyvore’s Remix App Is Like A Fashion Slot Machine

Imagine a casino game where, instead of yanking a handle to reveal a disappointing trio of non-jackpot fruits each round, you get a fresh collage of fashion picks centered around one standout piece. That's Polyvore's new iOS app, Remix.
Like the name suggests, the app is all about remixing different looks. It helps you discover new styles that are trending in Polyvore's global community, get instant styling inspiration for any item (one you're hoping to buy, or may have hanging in your closet), and buy things you find in the app with just a few taps. We found it dangerously addictive.
When you open Remix, you're placed in the Trending tab. There, you can scroll down for groups of items trending on Polyvore — things like toe-loop sandals, Henley tops, chain jewelry, or military blazers. At the top of this page is a "just for you" section comprised of items Polyvore thinks you'd like based on what you like within the app. Tapping any of these takes you to a scrollable grid of images you can favorite or "remix" into an outfit. 
You can basically hit remix on an item ad infinitum. (I did find the end of the tunnel one time. Just once.) A remix pairs the item you clicked — say, a striped crop top — with three to four other items, like a pair of shorts, T-strap sandals, and a hat. You can tap one of those items for a selection of alternatives to swap in. If you like the look, you can favorite it. Then, you can keep tapping remix for the slot-machine-like fashion fun of it. Did we mention this app is kind of addictive?
It's also useful if you're on a mission. For a piece of clothing you just bought, are thinking of getting, or have gathering dust in a drawer, you can search for it, or a similar piece, and then start remixing for ideas on how to wear it. Your favorites, both entire outfits and individual items, are saved in the app's third tab, "My Faves," for easy future reference. 
The free app is soft launching today and is invite-only; you can add your name to the wait list to get a download code here. However, with the code 032205, 100 Refinery29 readers can download it right away. For more about the app, check out the video and photos ahead. 

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